2017- 2018

2018 with lots of Japanese natural pigments........and gold leaf.
2018 con tantissimi pigmenti naturali giapponesi e foglia d'oro.
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All my art work in fb are just the first part of my tecnique process. I continue after with a choise of papers.I print in different way myself or in collaboration with my printer. Steps by steps i painting and i begin a particular lacquering with a natural pigments. For some of my art work I decide to add gold leaf or urushi.) STORY OF FLOWERS 2017
My work in progress.....................
From the old ages, the unchanging value of beautiful and sparse pure gold makes it such a valued, dignified substance.
Not only does it increase the value of traditional handiwork, in Japan, it is used as garnishes for fancy cuisine, decoration and good luck charms.
Ciliegi in fiore sul far della sera
anche quest’oggi
è diventato ieri.
Kobayashi Issa